Wednesday, October 22, 2008



This is an exercise to stimulate youngster's mind. It helps the cells in the brain grow, 'talk' to one another and enhance the development and functioning of the brain, raising the youngster's intelligence and IQ level.
These pictures shown here are all made of twelve straight lines and one dot, neither more nor less.
It is far more difficult to draw something if we are confined to a few lines than if we can put in as many lines as we like.
Take up and see if you can make similar new drawings.Have fun and share this with ur friends.

Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle. This activity is sometimes called "seven pieces of cleverness." The object of the puzzle is to rearrange the pieces of a square (the puzzle pieces) to form figures (like a picture of a cat) using the tangram pieces
Materials Required:
• Paper (cardstock or other thick paper works well)
• Scissors
• Ruler and Pencil or a Printer
• Start by making a square piece of paper.
• Fold the square piece of paper in half, then in half again (making a square that is divided into quarters). Repeat this step (resulting in a square divided into sixteenths).
• Unfold the paper.
• You will now have seven pieces: a small square, two small isosceles triangles, a medium-sized isosceles triangle, two large isosceles triangles, and a parallelogram.
• {An isosceles triangle has two equal angles and two equal sides. A parallelogram is a four-sided figure with each side parallel to the opposite side.}
• You can arrange these seven pieces into an incredible number of shapes, making animals, people, everyday objects, etc. See how many you can make - invent new ones









The art of making figures out of paper by cutting is called kirigami in Japan. Try cutting snow flakes, flowers, butterfly or dolls in paper…
Materials Required
Colour papers, scissors, pencil


Use fingers and colours to create varied shapes like birds, flowers, house etc...


Materials Required
Papers, ink or water colour
Take a paper and spill few drops of ink on it
Now fold and crease the paper
Open it to find the patterns made with the ink.
Every time u get new patterns and kids love to do this
Colours can be used to create variations and sometimes kids wil imagine some figures in the pattern.
Don’t worry if the dress and the table gets messy just enjoy.


Materials Required
Paper, marker, wax and a drop of ink or colour
Draw lines which may be the road for the car
Don’t draw too many curves, kids may find it difficult
Now apply wax in the roads (For a smooth ride). Max sure that the roads are slippery
Now add a drop of ink or colour. This is ur formula-1 car
The ink or colour will not stick to the paper due to wax and it starts sliding
Now encourage the kid to turn the paper according to the roads drawn and drive the car safely to the finish.
This is an interesting game and it improves the concentration power too.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008



Materials Required
Paper or chart, pencil, ruler, scissors, eraser, colour pens, poster colours
•Take a piece of paper (Longer than a sheet)and use a pencil and ruler to draw two lines, equal distance apart, going across the paper lengthways.
•Fold the paper in half so that the lines are on the outside
•Fold down again, towards the first fold in the middle.
•Flip the paper around, and do the same again on that side.
•You should have a concertina which has four parts.
Put it down so that it forms a "W" shape, with the lines facing upwards.
•Flatten it a bit, then use your pencil to follow the bottom line along to the first fold.
•Now, draw a line up the first fold, and then along to the middle fold, and up again. It should look like steps going up the page.
Carefully cut out the top corner.
You should be left with two steps and two whole sections on the right.
•Fold up the paper again so the small step is at the front. This will be the foreground of your picture
•The middle chunk will be your middle ground. The other full paper will be your background layer
•If you open out the paper, the back piece will be sky
•Now you can start designing your picture.
Draw some sky on the back section..
•Fold the whole thing over to draw the background of your picture in front of the sky.
It will be covering where the sky was, but don't worry about that
•Fold the picture over the other way.
•Now draw the middle ground.
The top of the background picture will be sticking out at the top of your drawing.
•When you've done that, fold the last bit over, and in front of the middle ground draw the foreground
•Neatly cut along the top of all the skyline detail, so the whole picture really jumps out at you when you open it out.
•Colour the whole thing in, and your completed scene should look like this.

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