Sunday, January 29, 2012


•Chart – desired colour
•Ruler, eraser,pen
•Colour papers – For Roof, door, windows
•There are four pieces of chart, A and B – Building, C-Balcony, D and D1- Roof and a plain chart for base.
•Trace the parts of the building on to a chart or juz use the measurements as guidance and make an outline
•Cut only the outer area and note the asterix parts. Thses are to be folded n pasted on the outside
•Fold the outer areas of A and B chart as shown in the figure, and the roof as shown
•Add colour papers to give it a better look
•Fix the building on to a base, you can use green colour as base so tat it may look like grass.
•You can use small toy car, dog or anything to improve the look of the house.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


When our kid was 2years old she was crazy about autorickshaw n train and hence we chose to have a train theme, When she was about 2.3yr old she was fond of mickey n donald....I was telling my husband that her 3rd bday theme would be these disney characters...He said dont hurry up there lot more time for that....When she was nearing 3yr she became a big fan of Dora, talking n dancing like her..Playing with back pack n boots...She literally started enacting the show everyday, she as dora n we almost became swiper,map n boots....
Atlast we concluded having a Dora theme for her third bday party. When the theme was finalised we had options to buy everything online n in stores. But i wanted the party to be very personalised n decided to do everything myself.
Dora invitation printouts are available online. As i have decided to do it myself. Thought of doing a backpack or Map invitation tat leads us to the party area. Finally settled for making a back pack invitation with map.
Card stock paper – Purple colour
Clour papers – Red for mouth, yellow for eyebrows
Draw the outline of the backpack on the card stock paper. Cut it along the lines.
Draw eyes on white paper with the help of marker, mouth on red n eyebrows on yellow colour paper.
Stick them and fold the card stock to look like a backpack.
Now add the details of the party inside. I juz tried to make it look like a map.
We did create another invitation tat can be sent through mail. Thanx to my cousin ( who spent his time to create the invitation for us.
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