Sunday, January 29, 2012


•Chart – desired colour
•Ruler, eraser,pen
•Colour papers – For Roof, door, windows
•There are four pieces of chart, A and B – Building, C-Balcony, D and D1- Roof and a plain chart for base.
•Trace the parts of the building on to a chart or juz use the measurements as guidance and make an outline
•Cut only the outer area and note the asterix parts. Thses are to be folded n pasted on the outside
•Fold the outer areas of A and B chart as shown in the figure, and the roof as shown
•Add colour papers to give it a better look
•Fix the building on to a base, you can use green colour as base so tat it may look like grass.
•You can use small toy car, dog or anything to improve the look of the house.
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