Thursday, July 24, 2014



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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Angry birds games based birthday parties are gaining momentum all over the world….Angry birds theme is suitable for all the age groups.When hosting a theme party right from the invitation to the party favours everything should be related to the chosen theme. We hosted an angry bird theme party for my daughter’s 4th year.My Daughters interest for angry birds started when she was around 2+ years. She used to play the opposite side with the sling shot but still she enjoyed it to the core. For her fourth birthday when I thought of the theme I know it would be ANGRY BIRDS…..


I always love to do birthday invites on my own rather than taking a print out. Angry birds are basically an easy shape to make and hence they doesn’t need more skill.  This time I tried a pop up card…Since s more fond of blue and red angry birds, I wanted both the birds on her invitation card.
Things needed :
Red, blue, brown,black and green tinted paper
White thread or elastic band
Yellow or any colour chart
Cut the chart into A4 size and fold it into half. Again make a fold. Now open and make a slit exactly at the centre and make a mountain fold above and below.
These will be the beak of the bird
Take red tinted paper and cutout the shape of red angry bird. Cut out the place where there should be beak
Apply glue and stick the bird onto the chart matching the hole in the red tinted paper with the beaks in the chart and add the eyes
The cover of the invitation can be decorated as you wish but make sure that its in sync with the theme
I made a sling shot with brown tinted paper and thread.
And for invitation wordings be creative with it too….

This forms the backdrop of the cake table and hence we decided to print all the angry birds…Happy 4th Birthday was added to the backdrop so that in all the snaps u will see the birds along with this message
Welcome banner was designed in an unique way with a nest and 3 angry birds…wondering whats unique…..We added a photo of my daughter in white dress along with the eggs in the nest. That was really awesome…Thanx @sri Balaji medias solutions for the creative.
We bought red, green, black, yellow, white, blue balloons and decorated them as angry birds and pigs. Angry birds printable templates are available online or you can draw them….
Gas balloons (Helium balloons) decorated as angry birds was hit among kids..The floating balloons looked so real as birds.
We even used our party favours and Take away gifts as decoration.
We just drew a Big red bird in the centre of a chart surrounded by all the other birds and I cutout beaks with brown tinted paper.
The best part is the eye mask that we used. I bought a red eye mask from the shop and covered the eyes with angry bird eyes and attached a beak too…It was so apt for the theme and looked gud on people wearing the eye mask.

I started the tradition of making the piñata when my daughter was 3year old for her DORA BDAY PARTY. It was Dora in which I was introduced to piñata. The kids enjoyed the piñata and for this theme also I wanted to make a piñata.
It was really easy to make angry birds theme piñata.
 I made a huge balloon paper mache.
Decorated it with red crepe paper. Added eyes and beak..
Filled it with goodies and hung it.
We had painted card board boxes in different colours and stacked them. We even put pigs made of green balloons.
Angry birds plush toys were given to kids. They had to strike the building blocks.
The game can be set outdoors and you can add props like TNT etc….Go wild
I just used coloured boxes…
U can make a playable angry bird cake…3D cakes are available but we did a 2D cake of red angry bird…
I was searching everywhere to find party favour boxes but all I could get was colourful paper bags decorated as angry birds. Iam not much satisfied with it. Try my party favours these are time consuming and u have to start earlier depending upon the number of kids.
Things needed
Glue and water in the ratio 1:2
Brown tinted paper
White and black chart
Crepe papers in all the colours of Angry birds.
Blow the balloons to a desired size.
Tear the newspaper into bits, dip it in glue and stick on the balloon covering all the spaces. Leaving the narrow end of the balloon open.
Allow the first layer to dry
Repeat the procedure for 2 or 3 layers
The newspapers adheres together when they are torn rather than cut with scissors
Allow it untouched for 24 hrs. Take any colour crepe paper as the angry bird u want (red, blue, green,yellow). Avoid black n white they don’t look good
Pinch the balloon and the newspaper retains the shape of the balloon.
The newspaper collapses if there s not adequate layers or if it is not fully dried
Now paste the desired coloured crepe paper and add detailing as eyes and beak….
This can be used as a pen holder too.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012



Invitation can be printed from any of the online stores. Printable dora theme invitation templates are readily available. But if u want the invitation to be personalized, softwares like Corel, adobe or maya can be used….If u aren’t tech savvy try making a back pack invitation or route map invitation.

We can make cake of all the characters in the Dora cartoon, like belly, Teeco, dora, backpack, swiper, boots….But most kids like Dora with backpack or Dora with boots.

Pink, Purple or Orange colours can be used. Steamers, balloons make a party colourful. We did create banners for my daughter’s birthday.

In all the Dora cartoon route map plays a major role. Hence we decided to have games based on the route map. We planned such tat an elder boy will play the role of swiper the fox, We drew swiper face in chart paper and attached rubber strings to it. The boy should wear the face mask and should enter the birthday party were all the kids were gathered. When the kids saw swiper everyone started shouting swiper no swiping, Swiper took away the birthday cake, He would hide the cake and the kids were to find it with the help of the route map. We created route map with maya software, With places in and around our house. The route map says :1. Forest,2.A lake full of fishes, 3.Dora’s house. For the forest, We used our open to sky area where we had plants and a cascade. We kept chirping bird toy, and the sound of the gushing water from cascade and lighting created the ambience we wanted. We have kept small toy animals around the area and the kids need to find them all.The kid who found the maximum animal toys, gets a star medal with Dora cartoon, From there they need to proceed to Lake full of fishes, that is our Lily pond in the Garden. The game here is the kids need to count the no.of red and black colour fishes.The best part is that the kids were counting the same fish again and again. A piñata was attached in the garden wall and the kids were allowed to pull the piñata and collect the candies and chocolates. The Pinata also has a clue: FIND THE STEPS. The kids should proceed to the steps inside the house. At the end of the steps there are 3 doors, the kids should find the odd one and when they open it, They will find Dora house sited on the map. For Dora’s house we placed a playhouse of our kid along with a Christmas tree with lightings. The cake was inside the house. When the kids entered we sprayed snow spray that s readily available in shops…It created a winter scene with snow fall, which the kids enjoyed a lot. The kids found the cake and took it down to the party hall. Then cake cutting.
We also played whats in the backpack game and pin the tail on swiper.

Before the party, juz to keep the kids engaged we played whats inside backpack. We did collected small things that we use in day to day life and kept it inside the backpack. The kids need to wear an eye mask and select one item and name it correctly juz by touching and feeling its shape and texture

We drew an image of swiper on the chart and struck it on the wall. We did cut tail shapes from different colour papers. The kids should wear the eye mask and pin the tail on swiper. We used double wall stickers on the coloured tails so tat it will be easy for the kids to stick it on the chart.

We did a 3d house in cardboard as return gifts for all the kids.

This is the first time iam trying a piñata. And it is through Dora the explorer cartoon I learnt what is a piñata. When I did browsing I got lots of instructions and thought for making a piñata for my daughters 3rd birthday. The piñata can be of any shape a horse, a butterfly,a clown,ice cream cone, star, sun. Since this s my first try I wanted to keep it simple. Breaking the piñata s a tradition n Mexico, but I juz tried a pulling piñata.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is the first time iam trying a piñata. And it is through Dora the explorer cartoon I learnt what is a piñata. When I did browsing I got lots of instructions and thought for making a piñata for my daughters 3rd birthday. The piñata can be of any shape a horse, a butterfly,a clown,ice cream cone, star, sun. Since this s my first try I wanted to keep it simple. Breaking the piñata s a tradition n Mexico, but I juz tried a pulling piñata.
Strips of news paper
Crepe papers or colour papers
Thread, jute thread or anything tats strong
Glitters, chocolates n candies to fill in the pinata
Gum : water- 2:1
Blow the balloon large enough to hold glitters chocolates n candies
Cut the newspaper into strips, apply gum and stick it on the balloon
Allow the first layer to dry for almost 12 hours, then stick second layer of newspaper strips
You can have 3 or 4 layers depending upon the size of the balloon,
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Sunday, January 29, 2012


•Chart – desired colour
•Ruler, eraser,pen
•Colour papers – For Roof, door, windows
•There are four pieces of chart, A and B – Building, C-Balcony, D and D1- Roof and a plain chart for base.
•Trace the parts of the building on to a chart or juz use the measurements as guidance and make an outline
•Cut only the outer area and note the asterix parts. Thses are to be folded n pasted on the outside
•Fold the outer areas of A and B chart as shown in the figure, and the roof as shown
•Add colour papers to give it a better look
•Fix the building on to a base, you can use green colour as base so tat it may look like grass.
•You can use small toy car, dog or anything to improve the look of the house.
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