Sunday, February 22, 2009


Full sheet of a daily calendar

•It’s an origami technique.
•Do alternate triangular folds and flat folds. Follow the instructions in the figure.
Fold along the dotted lines.From 1st jan sheet to 31st dec sheet.
•Once finished you will automatically get the shape of the hut.
•If u want colour it and decorate it with beads.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Pleated paper Decorations
Decorative Paper, Graph Paper,Glue
Pleated paper can be adapted to produce a wide variety of designs. It can be shaped into a chain, opened into a star or cut into a dainty snowflake.First pleat the graph paper in the desired intervals, then flatten it out and lay on it decorative paper to be folded. Starting at one end, refold the graph and decorative paper together to reproduce accordion pleats of uniform size.

Colour papers- any 3 colour, scissors, compass- to draw circle, glue, stapler and thread
•Any three colours can be used to make this beautiful decorative chain. The number of pieces depends on how long a chain you want to make.
•Take three different shades of decorative paper of slightly different sizes. Here I have taken orange, green and pink
•To make one fan shaped piece, stack three pieces of the different shades of paper one above the other.
•The smaller size of paper should be on top. Make accordion pleats i.e small pleats of equal width at equal distance.
•Hold the pleated papers together and staple in the center. Make a number of fan shaped pieces in the same manner and keep aside two of them.
•Join the remaining pieces together with glue to form a chain.
•The two pieces kept aside can be used as the end pieces
•The same chain can be pulled into a circle to form a decorative star design. The ends of the fan shaped pieces which forms the inner layer of the circle can be glued together to form the design as shown in figure. Five fan shaped pieces are needed to form a small star shaped design.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Polyester cloth- Cream and red colour, thread, needle, scissors
•Draw circle of about 4cm radius on the cloth. Draw as many circle as possible. Around 200 pieces are needed to make a small garland.
•Cut out each piece. For variations different colour cloth can be used.
•Make the needle and thread ready and roll the circle to get a thin strip and pierce them t the center and start doing this with all the circles.
•Use other colour cloth also to create a varied effect. When you are happy with the length of the garland tie a thick thread at both ends.
•Now the garland is ready to use.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009


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