Monday, December 1, 2008


Soap carving can be simple and inexpensive.
• A large bar of soap –
• A knife
• Pencil and paper for sketching
• Optional – Large tray to hold soap chips from carving
Unwrap the soap and let it dry for a day. Scrape off the lettering and any raised edges before beginning.
Begin with a simple design. Start with solid, basic shapes with simple cuts or extensions. Sketch your idea on paper first.
Place the design on your prepared bar of soap and trace it onto the soap using carbon paper or a sharp pencil.
With a little practice you’ll soon be ready to create designs of your own!
The actual carvings begin with rough cuts that remove the large parts of the soap not necessary for your design.
Place the soap on the table or tray.
Leave about 1/4" margin beyond your outlined sketch to allow for mistakes and more detailed work later.
Cut clear through the bar, removing excess soap all the way around.
Always cut away only small pieces or slices. Soap often breaks if cut in big chunks
After the first cuts, you may find it more comfortable to use the knife as if peeling a potato. Continue to stay 1/8" to 1/4" away from your sketch guidelines to allow for finer work later.
As you work, keep turning the soap, always keeping the shape of the piece in mind. Step back from time to time to look at the entire piece.
Watch your high points -- those that jut out farthest from the surface -- and your low points -- those farthest in.
Carve gradually from the high points toward the deepest cuts. Your knife point is useful for this.
Don't try to finish any one part in detail before another.
When the piece is almost finished, smooth rough edges with the knife’s edge and mark in details like eyes or ears with the knife tip.
If u like 2 colour ur work, use food colours rather than any other colour...It gives a very gud effect...
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Sanghi said...

Amazing work. The idea of carving a fish in bright orange. Wow, great combination of colours. good! Keep up ur work Gayathri!!
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Sanghi said...

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